Western Mass Raptors Track Club


I have been a coach and/or the founder of youth, high school and masters track clubs & teams but the group that I now have set my sights on are those young men and women who are  currently in a college with no track program or those not in / no longer in college who still want to compete in track and field in the USATF Open Club category. 

The club is in it's very beginning stages. 

During the summer the Raptors will compete in All-Comer meets and USATF meets throughout New England and New York.  I, along with other qualified coaches, will provide the best possible coaching in all events.  Initially there will be no cost to join the club, but as we grow that might change.  Whenever possible I will try to provide free or low-cost spikes and flats, depending on what donations I am able to secure.

Club members may need to obtain USATF membership (with the exception of enrolled college students), will have to pay meet entry fees and share transportation costs.  I will try to find a uniform for the lowest possible price.

Over the past decade I have had the pleasure coaching hundreds of boys and girls, now many of whom are grown, who would like to get back on the track.  Here's your opportunity.  Let me help you get back into shape and back up to speed.  In case you didn't know, your fastest times, furthest distances, and best jumps are yet to come!

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do," said Coach John Wooden.  And that is why I have created the Western Mass Raptors Track Club.  For the most immediate information, please visit our Facebook Page.

- Coach Larry

USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach
USA Track & Field Level 2 Youth Specialization Certified Coach
USTFCCCA Track & Field Academy Certified - Track & Field Technical Coaching
USA Track & Field 2011 Northeast Zone - Youth Coach of the Year
National Youth Track Coaches Association member
Former President & CEO, and Managing Director - Massachusetts Senior Games
Founder and Former President, Mass Velocity Track Club
Volunteer Coach, High School of Commerce, Springfield, MA
Co-Founder, Former Coach, Y-Speed Track Club, YMCA of Greater Springfield
Former member USATF-New England Board of Governors - Athlete Rep and Youth Chair